The Sexual Marketplace Explained: What’s Your Sexual Market Value?

6 min readFeb 6, 2021

The Sexual Marketplace Explained: What Are You Worth?

Dating is a complicated place. Everyone has their own set of standards and rules. Never before have we ever had a time in society where we have so many options available to us with the swipe of a finger. Having these options has also led to some dating faux pas as well. You see when we know we have a lot of options we become less competitive. Why? If we know we have all the options that we have, why try to compete when the next available option is a swipe away? Exactly. Well, that is a problem. It is a problem because there are a lot of POOR options and low scores out here in what we call the sexual marketplace.

What is the Sexual Marketplace?

The Sexual Marketplace (SMP) is kind of like a swap meet of sorts where men and women go looking for sex or relationships. Now I know your thought is like what the hell? What is this craziness? Sit down. Have a seat. Get you a White Claw, and get ready to be enlightened. Before we dive in we have to understand economics. Most of us in a general sense have a solid understanding of economics. I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing as sexual economics, did you? Don’t worry, I got you!

Let me introduce you to the sexual economics theory. I am only going to provide a quick overview, as we can get deep into it and that isn’t today’s topic. If you have listened to any of my teachings on my show, IG, etc., you have heard me say men are the end consumers of the product that is women. The theory places a basic application of logic and principle of the economic marketplace to the onset of sex among heterosexual couples. This is the idea at its core. Y’all wasn’t trying to believe, but facts are speaking right now. There is a basic understanding that sex is something males want from females.

I know, I know, tell me something I didn’t already know right? Take a drink, and read on! One problem. Psychologically there is a mismatch in sexual desire. Overall men want sex more than women and have a wider range of sexual desire than women. I left some other things out, but I do not have time for fluff. Since men are the end consumers, this gives women a power advantage. Remember when I said men control the access to relationships and women control the access to sex and so many folks got all upset? Welp, HERE IT IS! Power dynamics are at play here. To help those of you who got all in their feelings about this let me tell you about the principle of least interest.

Sexual Economics Theory

The principle of the least interest is the person who desires something less has greater control and can demand that the other person sweeten the deal by offering additional incentives or concessions. The sexual economics theory starts with the assumption that female sexuality has exchange value, and male sexuality does not. So again for the naysayers, tell me again who controls what? Don’t get it twisted boys and girls; this doesn’t mean the theory is the basis of exchanging money for sex. Although, the way y’all talk about a man gotta pay your bills to get it, walks a VERY fine line. Now today y’all done lost your damn minds with this, but let’s take it back to when the exchange was not solely financial.

Like when many things other than money was a factor. Let’s look at factors like obtaining love and commitment, respect, attention, protection, material favors, opportunities, etc. The money included too, I guess.

So to summarize that statement, the standard EXCHANGE for sex has been a long-term commitment to supply a woman with resources in exchange for sex. Exclusive sexual access to a woman’s sexuality. What we need to UNDERSTAND is these opportunities only exist for women. We as men cannot trade sex for a DAMN thing. Starting a sexual relationship requires the man and woman to choose each other.

How we choose each other is entirely different. Men choose women on sex appeal which equates to sexual attractiveness, and how much he thinks he will like having sex with her. Women choose based on resources they can provide. Women compete with EACH OTHER to be more sexually attractive than other women. Men compete with EACH OTHER to see who is a better provider of resources. People, this is why men control access to relationships and marriage, and women control access to sex. Women have the power in dating.

Don’t worry, we are getting to the good stuff. I have to lay the groundwork for DEEP3R understanding. So we now know women are sellers, and men are buyers. Since we understand economics we should understand the upcoming dynamic. As a community whole, a “price” is determined as the universal cost for sex. High prices favor women, and low price favors men. The rise and fall are according to the law of supply and demand. We call this sexual supply and demand dynamics. I hope y’all was not asleep in business class. Men’s sexual behavior adjusts to market conditions. When supply a low of one-night stands and booty calls, he stops looking for them. When the supply of women is low, men are more willing to spend some money and go into debt trying to get the women. Now that we know what we know, let’s get into the marketplace.

Y’all thought this was game? Business and science baby! It’s time to get into sexual market value. It is an individual’s level of attractiveness to the opposite sex. It’s each owns dating power. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where self-development comes into play before you enter the marketplace. It’s rough out here! Let’s first talk about what men and women want. This little exercise backs up my point in men and women LEARNING one another.

My source from the information out of all my research has the most detailed and easily understood explanation of sexual market value. WORK was put into this info.

Women care about the following:

  • Resources
  • Social Status
  • Potential and Ambition
  • Kindness
  • Intelligence
  • Humor
  • Conversation
  • Male Physical traits such as height, masculine features, beard, jaw, chin, voice, and torso shape

Men care about the following:

  • Her Youth & Youthful Behavior
  • Physical Appearance: smooth & clear skin, breast size, facial femininity, hair, eyes, weight, legs, and booty
  • Can she boost her status? Read: Trophy Wife
  • Faithfulness
  • Random stuff: varies based on the man.
  • Good sex

These items between men and women will vary, but this is the baseline. Understand this: The higher quality men with more resources get the pick of the litter of women. The more beautiful a woman is, she gets to choose from the higher-quality men, but there are LESS of them so competition is cutthroat.

Here is a trusty little calculator to check out what your SMV is. Looks like the guy put some time into making it as accurate as possible. I took it for shits and giggles and took the score with a grain of salt. 8.7 BABY! It all sounded like a game, but there is science in dating and how we are biologically wired. This may fill in some gaps as to why dating may be a struggle for you. There are ways to increase it, and you have to be a total package. Stay tuned for how to raise your sexual market value coming soon.

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