Love is Blind: After the Altar

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Love is Blind: After the Altar

Love is Blind: After the Altar episode aired and sat down and dug in. Now Admittedly I am not into the reunion shows and it took me a minute to warm up to Love is Blind: After the Alter. Before we begin, if you haven’t read my other three posts about to show, DO THAT before you read this. If you have not watched the show then spoiler alert. Let’s Dive In.

Matt and Colleen

1 of only 2 marriages on the show, I am happy to see they made have managed to make it work. I admittedly was not sure about them. Matt has prior relationship trauma and is a runner and Colleen struggled with expressing deep emotions and engaging in deep conversation. Some people think it is weird that they still are not living together. I get they didn’t want to pay money to break leases and that is understandable. I am not going to judge them on that whatsoever. At Alexa’s party, I did notice they like to what seems like play bicker back and forth. I can’t tell if they are being passive aggressive or not, but others noticed it as well. Overall I am happy to see them doing well.

Love is Blind: After the Altar, Brennon and Alexa

Because their story has been pretty solid and constant, how much can I really talk about these two? I am sure they have their own set of issues, but nothing that was too interesting to focus on, unlike the other couples. I would like to say that Brennon was out of line when it came to Cole and the situation with him and Zanab. Brennon lecturing Cole about what happened between him and Zanab was really out of line and not his place. For the fellas reading this, unless Brennon and Cole are friends this isn’t appropriate and you should stay in your own lane.

Cole and Zanab

These two. Lawd these two. Off the rip, I believe they did Cole dirty. Every one of these shows always has that one that they do like this. While I believe Cole can be a bit immature, and he doesn’t always think before he speaks, he does not seem like the guy they really tried to play him out to be. Zanab really demonized him and the way she did him at the altar was really dirty.

Now it is easy to have an opinion and make assumptions based on what we have seen. We do not know some of the things that happened off-camera. The Clementine Story, which Zanab brings up which was not in the original footage, was a very rich stretch of trying to say he was dictating what she shouldn’t eat and fat shaming her. At the end of the reunion show, they show the footage. Go watch it for yourself to get your perspective.

My opinion of Zanab is that she seemed like she nagged and complained about the guy more than anything. I do believe that she was fabricating some of her complaints, even things that Cole said could be disproved by camera footage. In After the Altar, their conversation at that part was a disaster.

I have to give Cole credit, he STILL really loves this girl and I hope he finds someone that will treat him better than her. I think she really tried to paint an unfair picture was playing the victim. I do finder her to have some narcissistic traits and was gaslighting him. While I hope she finds love to, I hope she goes into her next relationship in a different space.

Bartise and Nancy

Like I said in the last post, I feel like Bartise was here for the wrong reasons, and he had a lot of superficial thoughts. Bartise showed Nancy that……….he just wasn’t into her. He couldn’t even be a good friend to her. He showed he was not there for the right reasons, and honestly, he ultimately wanted Raven since he couldn’t get past Nancy not being his type.

SK and Raven

I am really disappointed that this did not work out with these two. The fact that SK said “I don’t” then proposes AGAIN, and then cheated. The fact that Raven came around to wanting to follow him through the school process. They were a year in. As I said in my last post, I was concerned with her wanting to maintain her lifestyle, and her friends scoffing at the idea of him still going to graduate school while they were getting married.

Apparently, there are receipts for his cheating with Hannah Beth. The influencer came out and said that she and SK were in an on-and-off relationship, and boy they ran down her timeline to check dates. I am not going to get into all the gossip, y’all can Google that. I never thought cheating would have been it. I do not condone cheating. I do not believe men should be exercising options. Exercise options as a single man.

If y’all like my show reviews, let me know and ask me what show I should dissect next.

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